Wedding hair and make-up

The glow of a good complexion, a happy expression, carefully arranged hair, perfect make-up and THE dress.

It could be the key to feeling like the most beautiful bride, but how to go about it?

First stop should be the local beauty salon. An all over assessment is sometimes the place to start.

They may recommend a series of skin treatments which together with a few healthy changes to your diet, will soon help skin to glow with good health.

Hands will be on show on the day so beautiful nails are essential.

Regular attention from the manicurist and nail technician will put matters right if the treatments are started soon enough.

Decorated nails can be fitted semi-permanently but it is a good idea to have them done in advance so they may be got used to.

Perfect nails for a perfect day
Perfect nails for a perfect day

The health of one’s feet are always mirrored in the face and for a bride especially, good feet are essential on the day as there is a lot of standing!

A visit to the chiropodist might be a good plan. If it is only a matter of hard skin and badly cut nails however, the manicurist, who may also be a pedicurist, should be able to help.

Taking the weight off? Good foot care is essential with a lot of standing to do.
Taking the weight off? Good foot care is essential with a lot of standing to do.

Make-up for the big day is also very important. It adds that final finishing touch and helps a bride look and feel her best.

The beauty salon’s experts will be able to help here. They may well recommend a make-up routine that can be followed easily on the honeymoon and many will agree to attend the bride on the wedding morning to apply perfect, professional make-up.

If all this sounds like hard work, it could be, but nothing worthwhile was ever attained without some effort.

As for expense, just consider, your wedding day is very special and come the big day you'll be glad you spent a little extra on yourself to ensure you not only feel great as you exchange your vows, but that you look great too.

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