How to pick the perfect wedding photographer

1. Do some research

Start your search for a wedding photographer by asking for recommendations from friends and family who have had weddings. Ask if they liked the photographer and look at their wedding albums. Other professionals involved in your wedding day are likely to have worked with photographers in the past, so ask for their recommendations too.

A good recommendation can be worth its weight in gold

2. Arrange a meeting

If you have a list of photographers to choose from, start by checking their websites to begin eliminating candidates. Also, give them a call and see how friendly they are. When you meet, ask about their experience in photography and how many weddings they shoot. Also, subtly find out what your photographer does during the week. Is he/she actually a real photographer or just moonlighting at weekends? The best way to ensure you receive a quality wedding package is to hire a seasoned professional with a solid background from which to draw.

Work together with your photographer to get the most from your day

3. Look at past work

Think about the style of your photos. Do you like traditional posing and a more classic look? Or do you prefer a more contemporary and candid photography style? There is no wrong answer! Examine the basics of the pictures, such as colour, clarity, exposure and composition. Can you see yourself in photos like these?

4. Like your photographer

The photographer is the one professional you spend the whole day with! Did they answer all your questions about your day? Ask them about their experience, their style and vision for your event.

Ask them about their experience, style and vision for your event

5. Price, price, price!

Budget is as important as any part of the equation when choosing a photographer. However, you DO get what you pay for! Many photographers now offer a disk-only option leaving you to arrange your own printing and album. This is a great way to save money, but have you got the skills or time to design your own album and get your own prints done? If so great, but if not it could become the most expensive unused CD you’ve ever bought. Make sure you’re clear what the package includes and also that the photographer you hired will not sub-contract the event out to someone else.

Now, relax and let the professionals you’ve hired take care of everything for you.

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