The Vintage Bobbin Bridal by Lucy Fisher creates handmade bridal accessories

What's a bride to do when she simply can't find that perfect piece with a vintage feel and timeless elegance? For Lucy Fisher the answer was simple - she made it herself. And now she does it for hundreds of others every year

It was while looking for pieces for her own wedding in 2012 that Lucy Fisher hit on the idea for her business, the Vintage Bobbin Bridal.

Specialising in handmade bridal accessories, hair combs, sashes and jewellery, she makes each piece herself in her home studio, where she has a treasure trove of lace, ribbon, beads and vintage pieces ready to be made into intricate designs.

The Vintage Bobbin Bridal
The Vintage Bobbin Bridal

With grandparents who were tailors and her mum's seamstress skills - she made Lucy's own wedding dress - she's put her own skills to the perfect use.


Lucy said: "I was looking for something unique with a vintage feel, that was also affordable and when I was unable to find what I was looking for I decided to make my own. I have always loved making things and I come from a very creative family. The more I researched bridal accessories the more I realised this was an industry I wanted to be a part of."

The 35-year-old from Maidstone started her business in 2014 and makes everything from scratch, with some intricate pieces taking anything from 10 to 20 hours to complete.

"I think this is what makes them truly unique and special," she said.

The Vintage Bobbin Bridal's pieces are hand crafted
The Vintage Bobbin Bridal's pieces are hand crafted

"The techniques I use are quite time consuming and I have learnt the art of pressing silk flowers using vintage millinery tools to create beautiful, floral accessories. I cut and press each petal by hand using the finest quality silk, and I love that the finished piece is all my own design.

"I aim to give brides a truly unique accessory to wear on their special day and I feel these extra handmade touches make all the difference to create something of quality to be treasured for years to come."


Hand pressed silk flowers provide a romantic bridal look - and Lucy loves a little bit of sparkle, too!

"I love combining delicate, soft fabrics with anything that sparkles," she says.

Her inspiration comes from anywhere, and she makes notes with tiny sketches when something grabs her attention - she also admits to being more than a little hooked on Pinterest and Instagram.

Her new spring collection features more subtle halo designs, enamel flowers and of course, rose gold which is still on-trend.

Lucy Fisher of the Vintage Bobbin Bridal creates bespoke pieces for brides
Lucy Fisher of the Vintage Bobbin Bridal creates bespoke pieces for brides

Lucy adds: "My designs do evolve around trends, but at the heart is a delicate, romantic vintage wedding and this is what I love to make. I have learnt so much since my wedding and so many new skills that I would love to go back and make my own accessory again!"


She makes pieces brides can choose from but will also work closely with brides-to-be to create bespoke pieces.

"It’s very exciting when a bride comes with lots of ideas and I am able to work with them to bring their ideas into reality. Many of my pieces can be adapted to suit a bride’s style or colour scheme, for example, by changing the colour of beads or using pearls instead of crystals. I am always surprised about how creative my brides can be and many bespoke commissions have ended up being part of my range as I love them so much!

Lucy Fisher on her wedding day Picture: Lee Nicholls
Lucy Fisher on her wedding day Picture: Lee Nicholls

"I feel honoured that a bride will be wearing one of my pieces on her big day. It is a wonderful feeling to know I’ve made something that will be loved and cherished."

And her feedback is testimony to her skills, as she gets glowing reviews, comments and pictures of happy brides proudly wearing her work on their big day.

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